Alan Branch
Alan Branch

“I have known Coach Monette and Coach O’Neill for over 10 years now and they helped me learn about the importance of hard work and dedication on and off the court. I would strongly recommend any athlete who is serious in taking their game to the next level to enlist in one of their training programs.”
2015 Super Bowl Champion, Alan Branch
DT New England Patriots
Rio Rancho, NM

“Brian does as good a job as anyone in the country with skill development and getting players prepared to play basketball at any level”
Doug Ash
Director of Scouting, Detroit Pistons

Daniel   Faris

“Chris Monette’s basketball knowledge and overall approach to the game have helped me in my development and progression as a basketball player”
Daniel Faris
Professional Basketball Player and member of Lebanese National Team
Albuquerque, NM

“Chris Monette is an exceptional person who knows the game of basketball like none other. While coaching and enhancing the skills of young athletes, Chris is able to guide his teams to victory while teaching his athletes the value of hard work, responsibility, accountability and consistency. While refining their skills in basketball, he also stresses the importance of life lessons; a good education, sportsmanship, fair play, honor and respect. He inspires young athletes to be productive young men. He is responsible for helping our son Drew, see his dream of playing college basketball come true.”
Andy and Lisa Herig
Albuquerque, NM

Chad Toppert
Chad Toppert

“A combination of Chris Monette’s coaching techniques and knowledge of the game helped Me develop into the player I am today.”
Chad Toppert
Former Lobo and professional basketball player

“I wished we would have known about EYG sooner. We spent a lot of money on camps that didn’t go into this level of instruction. You have a great organization and yes we want to register for another month.”
Joan G
EYG Parent

“We definitely see an incredible difference in both Ryan and Kory when they get the ball in their hands. Every touch that they have results in a move at the basket, which was not the case prior to attending EYG sessions.”
Jeff L
EYG Parent

“I took 3 of our guys over for training, 2 high school and 1 middle school student. Wow! The results were amazing. Not only did their skills improve, their confidence grew after every session. To see them attack the basket with no fear in a real game was really impressive. Thanks EYG, I highly recommend their training.”
Ruben G
EYG Parent

“Thank you for being such a positive influence on our son. You Brian and Jude have made a huge impact into that young mans life and are a part of shaping him. Thank you!!!”
EYG Parent