Skill Development

Basketball (BidStock photo)

EYG Hoops was founded in 2011 by Brian O’Neill and Chris Monette. Their goal was and still is to provide professional basketball training that is tailored to the specific needs of the individual athlete. EYG Hoops has worked with boys and girls throughout the state of New Mexico from ages 7 and up, and to date they have seen their athletes make middle school, high school and collegiate teams. The focus of EYG is on skill development, the foundation for any successful basketball player. EYG teaches these skills while also building the players confidence in the process, which is also a key component for any athlete and their success. EYG Hoops offers one on one, group and team training.

EYG’s workouts are designed for maximum and efficient training. Our philosophy is progressive training where we build off each previous lesson while continuing to work skill development, fundamentals and confidence to give the athlete all the tools to succeed on the court.

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